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What is a Trademark?

Making your company or business stand out from all the others is easier said than done. However, legally registering a trademark is a great way of doing this. A trademark is a logo, word or phrase – such as a tag-line – that is exclusively registered to your company. This logo or phrase will represent your company or brand, and will therefore be what consumers associate with your product or service. It’s useful to note that they can only be distinctive for your goods or services, and must not to describe the goods themselves. You may not trademark anything illegal or use branding that’s offensive or already being used, if this is the case, your trademark application may be rejected.


Why should you register your trademark?

Giving your company a unique logo or tag-line differentiates your brand from the competition. The association will make it stick in peoples’ minds so that they can recall and recommend you to others. This makes the brand more effective overall. For example, when you think of cola drinks, the red and white Coca Cola logo springs to mind, or when you think of McDonald’s, the yellow ‘M’ is what you picture. It makes your brand recognizable. Additionally, registering your trademark will allow you to take legal action against any other company that copies or ‘models’ their logo or tag-line too closely on yours, thereby illuminating competition. On the other hand, it’s legal proof of the authenticity of your company, brand and professionalism. It also proves that you have created a unique concept, brand and design.


Disclaimer: This article provides general information only. It might not be current. It should not be considered as legal advice nor should it be relied upon. If you have specific legal questions, you should consult a lawyer.

To avoid possible confusion with other trademarks, conducting a free trade-mark search before filing a trademark application is highly recommended.


Canadian Trademark Application Filing

  • Trademark and company name search report
  • Assistance with reviewing trademark and company name search report
  • List of possible wares and services (maximum of 2 pages)
  • List of similar wares and services (maximum of 5 pages)
  • Assistance with understanding wares and services
  • Assistance with reviewing wares and services
  • Assistance with reviewing the processing issues related to the application
  • Filing the application electronically with CIPO
  • Assistance with reading the examiner report and understanding the issues
  • Assistance with communication with examiner
  • Assistance with filing 2 revised application
  • Assistance with finding a lawyer in case of complexity of applications
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Please be informed that you can apply to register your trademark directly with the agency of Industry Canada without using our services. We do not provide any legal advice regarding trade-mark applications nor do we represent you before Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Our services are only to assist you with filing and applying for registration of a trade mark by yourself, and you must accept complete responsibility for any risk of confusion with existing corporate names, business names and trade-marks before using our services. Your access to our services is subject to additional terms which you can access by clicking here.

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