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Our knowledge and business experience in Fredericton and New Brunswick can help entrepreneurs focus on their ideas and not worry about administrative affairs that can adversely affect the creativity needed to succeed in business. We do the boring but necessary stuff without adding to headcount, and you only pay for what you need, meaning you do not have to worry about holiday pay or training for administrative staff.

Name Registration
NB Registration (fees included)
CRA Registrations
Minutes and Resolutions
Minute Book & Seal
Time Saver
All "Start" Plan Features +
Business Start-up Advisory
Learn: Record Keeping
Record Keeping Kit
Electronic Payment Set-up
Business Advantage
All "Time" Plan Features +
First Year Financial Statement
First Year Corporate Return
1000 Business Cards
Google, YP, and Social Media Registrations
Business Power
All "Advantage" Plan Features +
One Year Business Support
Learn: Customer Service
Professional Logo Design
Get Your Professional Website


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