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About Us

Fredericton Solutions corporate services encompass a wide range of disciplines at the heart of business, including consulting, name registration, official paperwork, corporate accounting, trade mark applications and marketing. We can assist with the start-up of your business and provide services that will help it develop as it grows.


Our knowledge and business experience in Fredericton and New Brunswcik can help entrepreneurs focus on their ideas and not worry about administrative affairs that can adversely affect the creativity needed to succeed in business. We do the boring but necessary stuff without adding to headcount, and you only pay for what you need, meaning you do not have to worry about holiday pay or training for administrative staff.


By keeping your administrative support under one roof we can provide a consistent approach that ensures that all areas of compliance are covered. We keep abreast of the latest developments within business, so we understand the issues that are relevant to entrepreneurs. We inform entrepreneurs of any developments that are relevant to their business as they occur. This creates time for key individuals to manage their business effectively and not spend time and resources running business activities that can be outsourced without diluting control.


We listen to the needs of our clients and work with business owners to assist them in achieving greater success. Many clients have been with us for a number of years demonstrating that our service is serving the business community successfully. For every aspect of business, we can provide constructive support that has contributed to the success of many clients. If you are struggling to keep up with the administrative demands of your business or require more time to focus on activities, which utilize your core skills, then join our growing client base and benefit from our expert support team.



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